BEME Guide

BEME (Best Evidence Medical Education) Guide adalah salah satu publikasi dari AMEE yang diterbitkan sebagai bagian dari jurnal Medical Teacher. BEME Guide merupakan artikel systematic review terhadap berbagai publikasi pendidikan kedokteran.

1. Best Evidence Medical Education [unduh]
2. Teaching and Learning Communication Skills [unduh]
3. Systematic Searching for Evidence in Medical Education [unduh bagian 1] [unduh bagian 2]
4. Features of high-fidelity medical simulations leading to effective learning [unduh]
5. Predictive values of measurements obtained in medical schools [unduh]
6. Contribution to education of experience in clinical and community settings [unduh]
7. Review of the literature on assessment, feedback and clinical performance [unduh]
8. Faculty development initiatives to improve teaching effectiveness [unduh]
9. Systematic review of interprofessional education [unduh]
10. Self-assessment [unduh]
11. The educational effects of portfolios on undergraduate student learning [unduh]
12. The effectiveness of portfolios for post-graduate assessment and education [unduh]
13. Conducting a best evidence systematic review. Part 1: From idea to data coding [unduh]
14. The effect of educational games on medical students’ learning outcomes [unduh]
15. What features of educational interventions lead to competence in aseptic insertion and maintenance of CV catheters in acute care? [unduh]
16. Are journal clubs effective in supporting evidence-based decision making? [unduh]
17. What impact do structured educational sessions to increase emotional intelligence have on medical students? [unduh]
18. Teaching Musculoskeletal Clinical Skills to Medical Trainees and Physicians [unduh]
19. Faculty development initiatives designed to promote leadership in medical education [unduh]
20. What is the impact of structured resuscitation training on healthcare practitioners, their clients and the wider service? [unduh]

(insya Allah berlanjut)